Catholic Weddings

The Catholic Church of Heraklion Prefecture
The Roman Catholic Church of Saint John the Baptist, is located in the heart of Heraklion's city center. There are plenty of scenic venues nearby the church to accommodate your wedding reception, the most of them with view to the Port of Heraklion. After the ceremony, you can have a photo shooting in the beautiful castle of Heraklion Port which is located just 500 metres away.
The Catholic Church of Rethymno Prefecture
The beautiful classical (1890) building of the Catholic church is at Odos Mesolongiou and Salaminas. This church was built to service the small Catholic population of Rethymno and nowdays the summer visitors as well.

The Church is located in the picturesque old town of Rethymno, with a quite ease access of cars and busses. We recommend this church -and the one in Chania- as the most beautiful Catholic Churches in Greece!

The Catholic Church of Chania Prefecture
This three-aisle church, situated on Halithon str, is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and was inaugurated on 25th April 1879. It has been in operation since then and is the Cathedral of the Catholic diocese of Crete, as well as the parish church for the catholic parish of Hania. The Capuchin monks arrived in Hania by order of Pope Paul the 5th, in 1566. Led by father Ignatius the 4th Aritus, they established their first Monastery in Crete. Soon they opened a hospital next to the church, which they called "College". The Monastery of the Capuchin Monks took its present form in 1842, and a new wing was added in 1860. It was completely renovated in 1990-1991.

The famous Venetian harbour of Chania is just 100 metres away. This is a great advantage considering that in the harbour there are many venues (restaurants, tavernas, cafes) for a pre ceremony cocktail reception and for your wedding reception as well. Also, you may have a photo shooting at a picturesque Venetian harbour after the ceremony!