Photo & Video

Photographer for photos and film of the ceremony, reception, as well as commemorative photos of the couple by Cretan landmarks. These photos (as well as the the films) are conducted by our exclusive partner Mind S.A, the leader company of its kind in the island.

Rates :


Basic: 50 photos (13x18)+Album+ CD of 100 photos (1 hour hiring): 380 euro.

Advanced: 150 photos (13x18)+Album+ CD of 400 photos (5 hours hiring): 680 euro.

Additional Hour: 170 euro.


Basic: 30 minutes recording, plus montage (up to 20 minutes film duration), plus 1 DVD: 400 euro

Advanced: 3 hours recording , plus montage (up to 1 hour film duration), plus 5 DVD: 750 euro.

Additional Hour: 250 euro.